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Project Update
November 17, 2005

Project Milestone

On November 15, 2005, the Financial Aid office began using the Banner system. The office imported over 650 applicant records from Recruitment Plus into Banner, along with need analysis data files from the College Board.

Rick Heckman, Financial Aid functional lead, observed about the go-live, "There have been remarkably few surprises so far. We have implemented a brand new system, and we still are at least two weeks ahead of where we were last year using Colleague."

The 1College Project team leadership extends its sincere appreciation for those on the project team and associated offices who worked diligently to design, develop and test the Banner Financial Aid system and the Recruitment Plus interface. The next few months will be challenging for the Financial Aid office as they begin using the Banner system to package financial aid awards for the class of 2010. Please continue to provide your support to those in this office.

What you need to know about

Dickinson College's pace-setting initiative to build a state-of-the-art information technology system to support the College's strategic plan and its ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Mission Statement

Sustain Dickinson College's innovative capabilities by enabling collaboration across administrative departments and providing reliable, real-time information to administrators, faculty, students, and alumni.


Project Goals

  • Improve data accuracy to minimize financial risk
  • Enhance decision making with more sophisticated analytical tools
  • Provide easy access to real-time, on-line information
  • Integrate administrative processes across departments
  • Promote on-line, self-service capabilities for administrators, faculty, students, and alumni

Project Benefits


  • Single database platform to ensure accurate and consistent data
  • Integrated system linking administrative processes
  • Single point of entry for users via the web
  • More robust, state-of-the-art information technology


  • Sophisticated financial analysis and reporting
  • Automated budget creation and review
  • On-line purchasing and payment capabilities

Financial Aid

  • Automated packaging and awarding
  • Self-service capabilities allowing students to communicate with Financial Aid office
  • On-line access to historical and current award status

Student and Faculty Administrative Services

  • Student course registration, including on-line catalog
  • Grades, account balance, transcripts, and degree audit
  • Faculty course schedules, class and advisee lists, and mid-term and final grade submission

Human Resources and Payroll

  • On-line benefits enrollment and payroll processing
  • Employee self-service to change personal information and enter time and expenses
  • Faculty tenure tracking


  • Remote access to prospect management data
  • Sophisticated analysis and reporting of development performance
  • Personalized stewardship for major donors
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